Everything from our sexy future lounge rythyms and ambient grooves to our up tempo breaks, Genuine Childs blends original samples, vocals, bass, piano, guitar, brass and strings to conjure up a worth-while excursion into today's cutting edge & unexploited music.

We have just locked down our 6th project with Universal Studios: Thus far we have composed the DVD Menu Music Scores for the re-release of "Scarface" and "Carlitos way" as well as "The Bourne Identity" and "The Truth about Charlie" and the Trailor Score & DVD Menu Music Score for "Bring it on again".We have recently signed a 5 composition licensing deal with Bunnim/Murray and MTV getting playcment all over the 2004,2005 and 2006 seasons of the "Real World" and "Road Rules"We are proud to announce the release of Groove Gravy Records compilation "Chill Pill ", compiled by Roy Shakked of "The Tao of Groove". It is a great cross-section of the modern lounge vibe. In addition to GC, it features such heavyweights as Tosca, Supreme Beings of Leisure, The Tao of Groove, Liguid Todd and more.We have composed 2 weekly spots for ABC releasing the only authorized Remix of Coldplays track "Yellow" for ABC's first weekly spot in 50 years. Scoring INDI films for "Mad Sun Films" and thier release of "Looking through Lilian" put together by Jake Torem aka "Big Jake" and "Dynamique Pictures" Dominique Derrengers unique film "All for One" documenting the history of Mens intercollegiate Rowing. We have also been featured on "Oliver Peoples" (High-end Eyewear to the Stars) first CD release "Oliver Peoples One", compiled by Allen Voskanian and Kavi Ohri of BossaNova Productions!, which also includes tracks by Tosca and Lisa Shaw.

Making visions become reality, always.

Thanks to Josh "The Hit Man" Marshall for his mixing and promo skills

peaceprd@pacbell.net, peace


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